We place the highest standards in our product range


We place the highest standards in our product range

We offer a broad and deep product range to customers at our HORNBACH DIY stores and garden centers, online DIY shops, and builders’ merchant outlets at HORNBACH Baustoff Union. What’s more, we provide product and project-related information and expert advice on the features of products and their suitability for implementing construction and renovation projects.  

Our aims here is to enable our customers to make the right purchase decisions for their requirements. The ability to make an informed, independent decision for or against a given product is a key prerequisite for achieving high customer satisfaction and building permanent, trust-based customer relationships. These in turn form the foundation for the Group’s business success.

By ensuring the greatest possible transparency as to the origins, contents, and environmental impacts of our product ranges – throughout their lifecycles – we enable our customers to account for the ecological, health-related, and social aspects of the products when purchasing them. Given the ever-growing interest in responsible lifestyles, this approach also provides us with opportunities for growth by expanding the relevant product ranges and advisory services. 

You will find further content on this topic on our website in the near future.

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Anna Krall
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