We assume responsibility for our environment


We assume responsibility for our environment

What is often referred to colloquially as sustainability is for HORNBACH simply a matter of responsibility. In times of global warning and the energy turnaround, we aim to make our contribution towards protecting our environment. 


We are reducing our CO2 emissions

HORNBACH is committed to combating climate change and assuming responsibility for the emissions directly or indirectly arising due to its operations. The major share of the CO2 emissions we can directly influence relate to the operation of our retail outlets and logistics locations. We measured the CO2 footprint of the HORNBACH Group’s stores and logistics centers, as well as of the vehicles and facilities we operate ourselves (Scopes 1 and 2), for the first time for the 2021/22 financial year. 

The main way to reduce CO2 emissions from operations at our own stores and logistics centers is to cut energy consumption. In recent years, HORNBACH already generated substantial energy savings by introducing smart lighting management and building control technology, and by converting nearly all stores and logistics centers to LED lighting. Not only that: The forklift truck pool at logistics centers has been modernized, which has significantly reduced the volume of energy used per truck. These measures are already reflected in the energy consumption figures for the 2020/21 base year. 

GHG-Report 2021/22
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We procure all our timber from responsible forestry

We are committed to making customers aware of timbers bearing the quality seal of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). Back in 1996, our company already provided the WWF and Greenpeace with a voluntary undertaking not to import any uncertified tropical timber. HORNBACH Baumarkt AG also requires suppliers to ensure that all timber products have valid FSC® certification if they are to be processed and come from countries outside the European Union. The same applies for timber from Romania. In this way, HORNBACH guarantees that all affected timber products come from certified sources. In 2007, HORNBACH was the first international DIY chain to be awarded the FSC® product chain certificate GFA-COC-002007 / FSC® C010062. It guarantees a controlled supply chain from the timber’s place of origin to the end product. Annual auditing by an independent testing institute ensures entitlement to carry the certificate.

One focus of the activities of our Quality Management & Environment department involves working to protect rainforests and promote responsible forestry that also meets social and work safety standards.  

You can find further information about this topic here (German).

We only sell natural stone from responsible sources 

The conditions in which stone is hewn are often inhumane. By delisting hand-hewn products, HORNBACH Baumarkt AG has sent out a clear signal. It guarantees that it now only offers stone from responsible sources. All direct import suppliers and their manufacturing sites are audited by accredited, certified audit institutes at regular intervals, and at least every twelve months. We base the scope and contents of these audits on accepted BSCI, ISA 9001ff, ILO, ISO 14001, ISO 26001, and SA 8000 standards and reinforce these in line with our own stricter requirements. Upstream suppliers of our own suppliers – in this case quarries – are directly instructed by our suppliers to comply with our guidelines. 

You will find further content on this topic on our website in the near future. 

Further Information

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Guidelines

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The Non-Financial Report

The Non-Financial Report sets out the objectives, strategies, measures, and key figures relating to the main sustainability topics at the HORNBACH Group:


In addition, key sustainability key figures are presented in aggregate form in our ESG Statbook:

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