HORNBACH pays attention to its supply chains


HORNBACH pays attention to its supply chains

HORNBACH has always attached great priority to ensuring that its supply chains are traceable and to being very precisely informed about the origins and components of the articles we offer for sale or use ourselves. We are also committed to working together with reliable business partners of integrity who consider it a matter of course to comply with environmental laws and internationally recognized human rights.

On this page we bundle information for our business partners.

  • We are pleased to forward our Basic Declaration on the topic of human rights. In this, we present the standards we have set for ourselves and our business partners. This document also contains the contact details of the person you can contact directly if you yourself would like to provide important information about potential violations.
  • You can submit possible violations or indications of such violations at any time via our whistleblower system. You will also find the rules of procedure for our whistleblower system as a document below.
  • In addition, we place CSR standards of the HORNBACH Group on this page, which will be a component of our contractual relationships in the future.

We are delighted that our business partner are accompanying us as we head towards even greater social and ecological sustainability.

CSR Standards of HORNBACH Group
PDF (64.88 KB)
Basic Declaration on Human Rights
PDF (294.31 KB)

Further Information

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Anna Krall
Anna Krall
Head of Corporate Social Responsibility