Divdend of the HORNBACH Group

Dividend policy

HORNBACH has always offered a consistent, stable dividend policy. It aims here to maintain a fair balance between shareholders’ interests on the one hand and financing the company’s growth on the other. In the past, both publicly listed HORNBACH companies have consistently paid dividends at least equivalent to the previous year’s amount.

The 2017 Annual General Meetings approved the following dividend payments for the 2016/2017 financial year:

€ 1.50
(2015/2016: € 1.50)
per no-par ordinary share of HORNBACH Holding AG & Co. KGaA(ISIN DE0006083405)
€ 0.68
(2015/2016: € 0.68)
per no-par ordinary share of HORNBACH Baumarkt AG(ISIN DE0006084403)

Dividend payment

The dividend is generally paid out on the third working day after the Annual General Meeting. The payment is made via Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurt, onto shareholders’ accounts at their respective depository banks. The amount paid out is reduced by capital gains tax of 25%, a solidarity surcharge amounting to 5.5% of payable capital gains tax (total: 26.375%) and, where applicable, the church tax payable on capital gains tax.

The central payment agent is ODDO BHF Aktiengesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main, represented by Deutsche Wertpapier Servicebank AG, Frankfurt am Main.

Capital gains tax, the solidarity surcharge and, where applicable, church tax are not withheld for domestic shareholders that have provided their accounting-holding banks with a “non-assessment certificate” issued by the relevant tax office. The same applies in full or in part for domestic shareholders who have submitted an exemption order for capital gains tax to their account-holding banks, to the extent that the volume covered by such exemption has not already been used up with other income from capital assets.

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