Real estate activities of the HORNBACH Group

The HORNBACH Group uses retail properties with surfaces totaling 1,888,545 m² as DIY stores with garden centers.The HORNBACH Group has an overriding strategy of ensuring that – measured in terms of sales areas and also accounting for potential sale and leaseback transactions – it owns at least half of the real estate used for operating purposes. At the balance sheet date on February 29, 2020, this share amounted to around 60 % (2018/19: 59 %). The remaining 40 % (2018/19: 41 %) of sales areas (including finance leases) are rented from third parties (38 %). In individual cases (2 %), only the land has been leased (hereditary lease). In addition, HORNBACH Immobilien AG and HORNBACH Baumarkt AG both hold a number of purchase options entitling them to acquire further land at first-class locations in Germany and abroad. Moreover, group companies also already own pieces of land in Germany and abroad which are earmarked for use as retail locations.

 No. of storesSales area
Property owned   
HORNBACH Baumarkt AG subgroup52612,58032.4
HORNBACH Immobilien AG subgroup43516,76327.4
Subtotal of property owned951,129,34359.8
Land rented, buildings owned434,9681.9
Operating lease61724,23438.3

(Differences due to rounding up or down)

As well as managing and maintaining existing properties, HORNBACH Immobilien AG is also responsible for developing new locations. That is why its strong team of internationally experienced real estate specialists is permanently on the lookout for first-class locations, i.e. top-quality properties from around 30,000 square meters upwards located in the catchment areas of metropolitan regions and large cities.

HORNBACH Immobilien AG
Astrid Schlosser
Hornbachstraße 11
76879 Bornheim bei Landau
Phone: +49 6348 / 6000
Fax: +49 6348 / 60 4000
E-Mail: expansion@hornbach.com

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Half-Year Financial Report 2020/2021 as of August 31, 2020
Half-Year Financial Report 2020/2021 as of August 31, 2020


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