Recycling concept

Raising in-house recycling with compressors

Given the increasing scarcity of resources, a commitment to the environment in today's world would be unthinkable without recycling. To minimize the number of journeys required, HORNBACH’s stores and logistics centers use compressors for high-volume waste, such as paper and plastics. An all-round waste concept promotes the separation, and thus recycling, of recyclable fractions as secondary commodities, while also helping to reduce the volume of non-recyclable waste.

Disposal of old electrical appliances

Our customers in Germany are able to deposit broken energy-saving light bulbs, LEDs, and luminescent tubes free of charge in suitable containers at the stores. With this service introduced in November 2011 already, back then on a voluntary basis, HORNBACH makes it easier for consumers to dispose of these items during its usual opening hours, which are significantly more generous than at municipal collection points. Since 2013, HORNBACH has played a leading role in the framework negotiated by the BHB DIY sector association and the VKU municipal company association. This involves accepting old or broken small electrical appliances, such as drills, fret saws, and battery-powered drills, as well as non-DIY products such as shavers and toasters, in normal household volumes. No proof of purchase or similar documentation is needed. The old appliances accepted are collected free of charge by municipal disposal companies. The aim here is also to protect the environment and avoid such products being illegally disposed of in normal household waste. Due to the voluntary measures already in place, we were well prepared for the mandatory acceptance of old electrical appliances since introduced by law.

Reference partner for uniform collection point logo

A joint initiative between retailers and local councils has introduced a uniform, voluntary logo for collection points for old electrical appliances and batteries. This labeling scheme is mainly intended to offer useful guidance to consumers. HORNBACH also played its part in this initiative and is one of the very first reference partners.

You can find the press release on the introduction of the uniform logos for old electrical appliances and batteries here: PDF (262.50 kB)

Online recycling portal for stores and logistics centers

Numerous different types of waste arise at our HORNBACH DIY megastores with garden centers. To simplify the disposal of this waste, in 2015 HORNBACH launched its own web-based recycling portal. This option for ordering and organizing the collection of disposal containers was initially launched in the Netherlands, parts of Germany, and Austria. Today, the portal is used by 180 locations in six countries.

Expansion in proprietary resource collection activities

In the 2014/15 financial year, we began using special trucks, HORNBACH’s “Resource Liners”, to organize the proprietary collection of resources from our stores. The HORNBACH Resource Liners are now on the road in large parts of Germany, as well as in Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. These enable us to collect large volumes of resources at the stores and then to deliver them to the desired recycling locations, such as paper factories. HORNBACH can thus ensure that further processing of the resources takes place directly. A further benefit is that these trucks – when they are not loaded with resources – can be integrated into the store supply network. This way, empty runs can be avoided and stores located on the trucks' disposal routes can be supplied with the necessary merchandise. This concept is permanently being extended.

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