The Non-Financial Group Report

For the first time, the HORNBACH Group publishes a non-financial report for the past financial year 2017/2018. HORNBACH thus complies with the statutory reporting obligations resulting from the CSR Directive Implementation Act (CSR-RUG).

The non-financial report explains the objectives, strategies, measures and key figures relating to the main sustainability topics of the HORNBACH Group: PDF (147.68 kB)

Materiality analyses

Non-financial topics within the Group’s own business activities or supply chain and at customers which impact on the aspects defined in § 289c of the German Commercial Code (HGB) were identified by surveying internal and external stakeholders and then compared with the assessments compiled by the managers responsible for the various topics at the Group. Within a materiality matrix, these non-financial topics were evaluated in terms of their relevance for our business activities and their implications for the aspects defined in § 289c HGB. The findings were agreed with the Board of Management in order to ensure consistent and comprehensive reporting for the overall Group.

Pursuant to § 289c HGB, non-financial topics count as material when they have significant implications for CSR aspects (environment, employees, human rights, social welfare, and anti-corruption) and are also relevant to the Group’s business activities (business performance, business results, and situation).

Our business success is intrinsically linked to the trust our customers place in us and how satisfied they are with us. Their consumption and purchasing behavior in turn has a material impact on CSR aspects. Against this backdrop, seven material topics were identified for this non-financial group report:

  • Product range and customer information
  • Responsible procurement
  • Product responsibility
  • Employee recruitment
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Employee development and retention
  • Compliance

On the following pages there are also other sustainability topics whose further development is important to HORNBACH, but not essential in the sense of the CSR-RUG.

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Half-Year Financial Report 2018/2019 as of August 31, 2018
Half-Year Financial Report 2018/2019 as of August 31, 2018


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