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"IT'S THAT SIMPLE - Responsible Building and Design" leads the reader to more than 60 pages of the company's sustainability topics. HORNBACH will thus be able to experience the topics that have already been outlined in the Non-financial Group Report ( PDF (216.89 kB) ).

The Magazine addresses sustainability-related topics that are important to the HORNBACH Group, its employees, and its customers. For example, read the detailed interview with our new CEO of HORNBACH Baumarkt AG Erich Harsch (from page 22) or the report on the current state of European forests (from page 38). The portrait of our colleague and wheelchair basketball player Denny Ertl (from page 55) reports on boundaries that only exist in the head. You can find out how HORNBACH has mastered the challenges of the corona pandemic so far in a detailed special (from page 28).

Read for yourself: HORNBACH Sustainability Magazine 2020 ( PDF (10.08 MB) ).

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Financial Update: 3rd Quarter of 2020/2021 as of November 30, 2020
Financial Update: 3rd Quarter of 2020/2021 as of November 30, 2020


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