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"Make it better - Responsible Building and Design" leads the reader to 50 pages of the company's sustainability topics. HORNBACH will thus be able to experience the topics that have already been outlined in the Non-financial Group Report ( PDF (147.68 kB) ).

Lending a face to sustainability

In its Magazine, HORNBACH offers some insights into its approach to sustainability. The family-run company in Germany’s Palatinate region tells the story, for example, of a young colleague who turned almost blind in just a few weeks due to a rare genetic defect but nevertheless stayed at HORNBACH because of the support he received from all quarters. The Magazine also shows the efforts made by the company’s recruiters to convince the next generation of IT specialists to come to HORNBACH rather than going to large banks or Germany’s intelligence agencies. It also introduces Isabela, Cristina, and Mesut, who are benefiting from a dual training system that HORNBACH played a key role in introducing in Romania.

In dialog with Greenpeace and the FSC®

HORNBACH takes sustainability seriously and is not afraid to criticize or make suggestions as to how things can be improved. This approach is clearly reflected in the final article in “Make it Better” – a no-holds-barred discussion between Dr. Uwe Sayer, the Managing Director of FSC® Deutschland, Sandra Hieke from the environmental protection organization Greenpeace, and Andreas Back, who is responsible for quality management, environmental issues, and CSR at HORNBACH Baumarkt AG. In their lively discussion, this trio addresses the question of questions: Is it actually possible to reconcile ecological and economic interests?

With the wide range of topics addressed in its 50-page Sustainability Report, HORNBACH goes some way toward answering that question.

Read for yourself: HORNBACH Sustainability Magazine 2018 ( PDF (8.13 MB) )

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Financial Update: 1st Quarter of 2019/2020 as of May 31, 2019
Financial Update: 1st Quarter of 2019/2020 as of May 31, 2019


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