Committed to the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region

The Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region is home to many successful companies, renowned research organizations, universities, and cultural institutions. Our region is also characterized by a large number of towns and communities offering high quality of life. These regional players cooperate closely with one another and represent an alliance of strong partners. This alliance has helped make the Rhine-Neckar region one of Germany’s top-performing locations in terms of its economy and quality of life. A rich cultural scene, top-class professional and amateur sports facilities, and impressive countryside are some key aspects of the Rhine-Neckar region, as are the attractive jobs on offer in business, research, and education. This wealth of opportunities in close proximity to one another enables the region’s 2.4 million inhabitants to lead enjoyable lives and pursue successful careers. The Rhine-Neckar region is also characterized by a shared sense of commitment and tolerance, as well as by well-developed, self-confident, and lively civic engagement on the part of its residents, whose ideas and creativity will secure the region’s future.

As a member of the Rhine-Neckar European Metropolitan Region, our Group is helping to promote our region. The aim is to promote the region’s attractiveness, power of innovation, and economic strength and to communicate these qualities to the outside world. Albrecht Hornbach is member of the Board of the Future of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region Association since September 2009.

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Half-Year Financial Report 2019/2020 as of August 31, 2019
Half-Year Financial Report 2019/2020 as of August 31, 2019


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