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Competent energy-saving partner

Construction clients and homeowners are obliged to implement new requirements resulting from legally binding energy-saving ordinances. HORNBACH is a competent partner here and has the product range necessary to help customers implement their energy-saving projects. New windows and doors offer substantial potential savings, as do façade, roof and basement ceiling insulation. Our product range also offers a broad range of energy-saving items – from efficient lighting systems to standby killers, water saving articles and upgraded insulation, as well as new pellet and high-tech reverse cycle heating systems.

Energy-saving measures at stores and logistics centers

The company also actively takes account of environmental protection factors when building and operating its stores. In the last years there were several energy-saving projects HORNBACH could realize:

  • The new lighting technology has benefited not only all new stores – also existing markets were brought to the latest standards. At core, this sustainable lighting technology involves introducing electronic control gear for the operation of halogen metal vapor lamps. Central lighting control now allows the lighting to be dimmed and means that only that volume of light actually required in a given area is used. What's more, the lighting system is tailored to make optimal use of daylight. The installation of large light domes and long light bands in the roofs of new stores also assists in using natural light. The new lighting technology not only increases the operating lifetime of the lighting equipment by around 50%, but also helps reduce annual energy costs. Not only that, it has also noticeably improved lighting quality in the shelves.
  • A further contribution towards saving energy is due to the Building Control Technology (BCT) that we included in our new building standards several years ago. This system manages the operating times of energy-consuming systems in line with requirements, thus optimizing energy consumption volumes.
  • Efficiency is also the top priority in terms of heating energy. Here, consistent waste heat recovery in the ventilation system ensures a lower volume of consumption. This technology is used when building new stores, as is enhanced heat insulation based on a new façade system.
  • Based on weekly consumption statistics (electricity and heating energy), each HORNBACH store is able to gain a precise picture of its own energy efficiency.

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