CSR system for early risk identification

Working in cooperation with the Austrian startup Sophiesystems and the University of Vienna, HORNBACH has developed a so-called CSR map. Behind the name, there is an IT system that enables potential supply risks to be identified earlier and ideally to be avoided. The CSR map is based on two pillars. On the one hand, it includes a wealth of data. These include all relevant article master data for HORNBACH's product range, as well as all supplier audit reports submitted to HORNBACH by the audit institutes. Internationally recognized indices are deposited, initially for each non-European country. These include corruption indices, environmental indices (linked to country-specific legislation), and social welfare indices. Together, all this data is used to present a so-called risk tree on the basis of which individual articles can be assessed. On the other hand, the CSR map is connected to a news system that processes items of news in real time. The news items are presented in relationship to the products, factories, and suppliers entered in the system. In the event of environmental catastrophes, for example, the system can react immediately and color the articles thereby affected red.

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