Real estate activities of the HORNBACH Group

the HORNBACH Group has an extensive real estate portfolio. This chiefly consists of retail properties mainly used by the operating units within the Group. The real estate is owned by HORNBACH Baumarkt AG, as well as by HORNBACH Immobilien AG and the subsidiaries of these companies.

The activities in the real estate sector result from the strategic decision that around half of the sales areas on which the company has retail operations should be in the hands of the Group. Given this decision, a team of first-class specialists in the field of real estate development has been built up over the years. All the requirements of real estate development in Germany and abroad are competently covered, from the search for suitable land to the complex process of obtaining building permits, to construction planning and awarding and supervising the execution of building contracts. This expertise built up over many years has become one of HORNBACH’s key strategic competitive advantages.

At the balance sheet dated on February 28, 2017, around 57% of the total sales areas used for retail (approx. 1.8 million m²) belonged to one of the group companies. The HORNBACH Baumarkt AG subgroup owned around 29% of sales areas. Its associate company HORNBACH Immobilien AG held a further 28% of DIY sales areas.

 No. of storesSales area
Property owned   
HORNBACH Baumarkt AG subgroup44514,47928.5
HORNBACH Immobilien AG subgroup43507,92328.1
Subtotal of property owned871,022,40256.6
Land rented, buildings owned434,9681.9
Operating lease52593,57032.9
Finance lease12154,7898.6

(Differences due to rounding up or down)

In addition, HORNBACH Immobilien AG and HORNBACH Baumarkt AG both hold a number of purchase options entitling them to acquire further land at first-class locations in Germany and abroad. Moreover, group companies also already own pieces of land in Germany and abroad which are earmarked for use as retail locations.

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Trading Statement for the 2017/2018 Financial Year
Trading Statement for the 2017/2018 Financial Year


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