Shareholdings of the HORNBACH Group

HORNBACH Holding AG & Co. KGaA has three major shareholdings:

1) HORNBACH Baumarkt AG

HORNBACH Baumarkt AG is the largest subsidiary of HORNBACH Holding AG & Co. KGaA. With a current total of 155 DIY megastores and garden centers in nine countries (status: February 28, 2017), HORNBACH Baumarkt AG generated sales of around € 3.71 billion in the 2016/2017 financial year. This makes it the third-largest operator of do-it-yourself (DIY) stores in Germany and the fifth-largest in Europe.

The company's international expansion began in Austria, with the first store outside Germany being opened in the adjacent country in 1996. In addition to Austria, HORNBACH Baumarkt AG now operates DIY megastores with garden centers in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The following chart shows the group structure of HORNBACH Baumarkt AG (status: February 28, 2017), particularly in respect of companies operating in other European countries:

Alongside its stationary business, HORNBACH Baumarkt AG also operates online DIY and garden stores both in Germany (www.hornbach.com) and in other countries within its European network.

Further information about the HORNBACH Group’s retail activities can be found here: Retail Activities


Hornbachstraße 11
76879 Bornheim bei Landau
Phone: +49 6348 60-00
Fax: +49 6348 60-4000
E-Mail: info@hornbach.de

2) HORNBACH Baustoff Union GmbH

The newest subsidiary of HORNBACH Holding AG & Co. KGaA is HORNBACH Baustoff Union GmbH. With 25 outlets in the Palatinate, Baden and Saarland and two outlets in Lorraine (France), HORNBACH Baustoff Union GmbH is now the regional market leader in the builders’ merchant business. Its products range from shell construction through to roofing and from civil engineering through to garden and landscape construction. Whether it is a construction, renovation or refurbishment project – the experts at HORNBACH Baustoff Union GmbH can ensure that all aspects desired by customers are smoothly organized and implemented. With this concept, HORNBACH Baustoff Union GmbH bridges the gap between DIY and garden stores on the one hand and construction material wholesalers on the other.

Further information about the HORNBACH Group’s retail activities can be found here: Retail Activities

Link: www.hornbach-baustoff-union.com


HORNBACH Baustoff Union GmbH
Le Quartier Hornbach 11
67433 Neustadt an der Weinstraße
Phone: +49 6321 / 67 8 – 90 00
Fax: +49 6348 / 60 36 36
E-Mail: union@hornbach.com

3) HORNBACH Immobilien AG

Alongside the retail business, which is covered by HORNBACH Baumarkt AG and HORNBACH Baustoff Union GmbH, the HORNBACH Group also has a substantial real estate portfolio. This predominantly involves retail properties mainly used by the Group’s operating units. The real estate is owned both by HORNBACH Immobilien AG and by HORNBACH Baumarkt AG.

As well as managing and maintaining existing properties, HORNBACH Immobilien AG is also responsible for developing new locations. That is why its strong team of internationally experienced real estate specialists is permanently on the lookout for first-class locations, i.e. top-quality properties from around 30,000 square meters upwards located in the catchment areas of metropolitan regions and large cities.

Further information about the HORNBACH Group’s real estate activities can be found here: Real Estate Activities


HORNBACH Immobilien AG
Astrid Schlosser
Hornbachstraße 11
76879 Bornheim bei Landau
Phone: +49 6348 / 6000
Fax: +49 6348 / 60 4000
E-Mail: expansion@hornbach.com

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