Key focus on employee satisfaction

The success of the HORNBACH Group is closely linked to the competence and motivation of its employees. Their willingness to roll up their sleeves, and thus continually improve the Group's earnings, is honored by our bonus model. To enable our employees to participate even more closely in the company's success, we also offer the opportunity of acquiring employee shares in HORNBACH Baumarkt AG.

The employee survey KLARTEXT was performed for the third time already in 2016. The commitment index thereby derived remained consistently high at 78 out of 100 points. The feedback quota of 71% also shows the high level of trust employees have in HORNBACH and their clear interest in working continually to enhance their working environments and team spirit.

Even in a positive working environment, the possibility of conflicts arising between employees or with their superiors cannot be excluded. To offer employees a neutral point of contact, HORNBACH has created the position of ombudsman. He acts as contact partner to employees and may also be initially approached without involving the opponent in the conflict. If it is apparent at the first meeting that mediation is required between the two parties to the conflict, then the ombudsman takes the initiative. His job is then to listen to both sides, moderate and ideally solve the problem. The employee should not suffer any disadvantage due to this mediation. This neutral point of contact is used by employees from across the Group and has met with high acceptance levels.

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Financial Update: 1st Quarter of 2018/2019 as of May 31, 2018
Financial Update: 1st Quarter of 2018/2019 as of May 31, 2018


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