Personnel development: everyone can become everything

This motto is the principle underlying the development of specialist and management staff at HORNBACH. The company only trains the staff it actually needs, with a trainee quota of more than seven percent. This means that all trainees and participants in dual academic and vocational study programs have good chances of receiving a job at HORNBACH when they complete their training. In the period under report, 68 percent of trainees were offered jobs. Of these trainees and students, 95 percent passed their exam at the first attempt. Not only that, former trainees are increasingly seizing the opportunity to enter dual academic and vocational study programs at HORNBACH upon completion of their vocational training. HORNBACH has for the first time offered a proprietary course at Baden-Wuerttemberg State Cooperative University (DHBW) in Karlsruhe and thus created a basis to establish a robust network for students employed at the company.

HORNBACH prefers to recruit its managers from among its own staff where possible. Separate qualification modules have been developed for all store positions, and these are embedded into an all-round next generation development program. This career path is open to all employees. The only qualities that count are performance and personal potential.

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Financial Update: 1st Quarter of 2018/2019 as of May 31, 2018
Financial Update: 1st Quarter of 2018/2019 as of May 31, 2018


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